Thursday, 13 July 2017

The Digital Dozen - 5 Days 5 Continents : Day 4

Hi friends
Its the fourth day of The Digital Dozen's theme 'Continents' and today's continent is America!
Along with a map and USA's flag, I made the bald eagle and the stars and the stripes to represent the country and the continent. Have a look, and read more for the tutorial:

For the flag on index finger, the base polish is Gilty Girl Supernova and the flag decal is made using the image from Gals Ga3. On middle finger, the base is Dance Legend Oracle and the map is made using gradient stamping technique and image from MoYou London Scholar Collection 07. The blue base is Dance Legend Snezhana and the eagle decal image is from Bundle Monster BM-H25(the yellow polish I used to make the beak came out a little sheer sorry!). The base on little finger is K B Shimmer Ruby and the stars and stripes image is from W212 stamping plate. The stamping polish used everywhere is Mundo de Unas.

Thanks everyone for reading this post! Have a nice day and please comment....:)


  1. Love it all! It flows so well and works perfectly for the Theme! I may of stretched the theme for North America.

  2. Love it Uma! You know, bald eagles always look so angry. I wish they would smile more. :)

  3. Ohhh, I love the glitters you used!