Wednesday, 19 July 2017


Meet the SOPHISTICATES, Zoya’s latest palette of smoldering nudes, wine reds and shadowy hues in pearl, metallic and cream nail polish finishes.

 Mckenna (ZP904): a refined pearl in soft almond.
 Beth (ZP905): a soft, sandy, rose gold metallic.
 Presley (ZP906): a smokey, mauve taupe cream.
Joni (ZP907): a deep, dusty plum cream
Hera (ZP908): a muted, red mauve cream.
Padma (ZP909): a deep, vermillion red cream.
 Yvonne (ZP910): a rich, bordeaux red cream.
 Mona (ZP911): a deep, burgundy plum cream.
Elaine (ZP912): a dark, umber brown cream.
 Hadley (ZP913): a smokey, midnight blue cream.
Tabitha (ZP914): a refined pearl in a deep hunter green.
 Gal (ZP915): a smokey, iridescent, peridot gold metallic.

AVAILABLE August 1, 2017. 
ZOYA.COM $10 ea.(US)


Monday, 17 July 2017

The Digital Dozen : 5 Days 5 Continents - Day 5

Today is the final day of The Digital Dozen's theme '5 Days 5 Continents', and for this final day, the continent I chose was Asia.

Some of the most popular cultures, arts and different traditional techniques originated from this continent, one of them being Yoga, the most popular technique to achieve inner peace, and the other being Lord Buddha.
On the other two fingers I made of Lord Krishna, one of the idols that people from all over the world worship, and a decorative lantern used to decorate the houses. Have a look:

I prepared the base by stamping the spiral image(from Gogo Only plate) over an orange Zoya base. The other images are stamped using Mundo de Unas Black Stamping polish..

So that was it about the theme Continents! I hope The Digital Dozen comes up with another interesting theme next month. What do you think about Asia? Tell me in the comments!

Thursday, 13 July 2017

The Digital Dozen - 5 Days 5 Continents : Day 4

Hi friends
Its the fourth day of The Digital Dozen's theme 'Continents' and today's continent is America!
Along with a map and USA's flag, I made the bald eagle and the stars and the stripes to represent the country and the continent. Have a look, and read more for the tutorial:

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

The Digital Dozen - 5 Days 5 Continents : Day 3

Hello beauties,
for the third day of The Digital Dozen's theme '5 Days 5 Continents', I am posting my nail art based on the continent Australia. The first thing which strikes in my mind when I hear Australia is, marsupial animals, like koalas and kangaroos, and today's nail art is also based on these animals, along with dingos and the map. Check it out:

The gradient base is made using the image from Lina 'Make Your Mark 03' stamping plate and Mundo de Unas stamping polishes. The bushes and leaves background is from Bundle Monster BM-XL204. I painted freehand (though I'm not at all good with freehand) map of Australia on my middle finger and made decals for the koala, dingo and kangaroo. All the three animals are from Winstonia W210 stamping plate.

Thank you for reading this post. What do you like about Australia themes nails? Tell me in the comments!...:)

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

The Digital Dozen - 5 Days 5 Continents: Day 2

Hello Friends
This is my 2nd post for "The Digital Dozen's" theme- Continents, and for day 2 I chose Europe. I tried to portray the most famous buildings and things these places are known for. On the index and pinky finger I made two Russian dolls, on the ring finger I made London's Big Ben, and on the middle finger I made Europe's map. Have a look:

The colorful base is made using smooshy base technique using Zoya Ness, Winnie, Sawyer and Lillian over a white base. The map image is from MoYou London Scholar Collection-07, the Big Ben and Russian dolls are from Winstonia W219 stamping plate. The stamping polishes used are Mundo de Unas Joy and Black. Finally applied a coat of Glisten and Glow top coat.

Thank you all for reading this post. Stay tuned for Continents Day-3! Have a nice day!!

Monday, 10 July 2017

The Digital Dozen : Continents : Day 1

Hello buddies,
For this month "The Digital Dozen" has given us yet another interesting theme-continents. For the first mani of this theme I've selected Africa, and tried to portray the wildlife in a peaceful sunset backdrop.. Have a look:

For the map I've used MoYou London Scholar Collection-07 and Mundo de Unas Grinch 80 stamping nail polish. For the gradient sunset base the polishes used are SinfulColors Feel The Vibe 1214, Sugar Pumpkin, VIPeachChina Glaze 'I Got A Blue Attitude' and 'Home Sweet House Music'. The wildlife image is from MoYou London Explorer Collection -10 stamping plate and Mundo de Unas Black stamping polish.

Thank you for reading this post.. What do like about Africa? Comment below!

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Zoya Wanderlust Collection Summer 2017 Review and Swatches

Press Release

Finally the wait for this summer's Zoya collection is over! Zoya has launched its Wanderlust summer collection - 12 bright summer shades out of which 4 are shimmers, 8 are cremes, and all of them are just perfect for all your summer manis. 

Zoya Wanderlust Collection Summer 2017

The formula, as expected is good for a smooth and comfortable application. This collection has a majority of shades of pink and oranges for your summer needs and less greens and blue with only a single shimmer blue shade. Some of the pinks are really difficult to distinguish(almost impossible!) after application but rest of the shades are unique. The pics below are with two coats and a topcoat. So lets start with cremes first and then with shimmers: